African Black Soap-Can you say “Holy Grail” of natural facial cleansers!

African Black Soap-Can you say “Holy Grail” of natural facial cleansers!

100% All Natural African Black Soap

I use to spend a ton of money on all types of skincare cleansers that contained artificial ingredients and preservatives that I couldn't pronounce if my life depended it!  

Ever since I began using African Black Soap...I never looked back! For me it's like the "holy grail" of facial cleansers. Can you say Plant Based! 

African Black Soap is great for all skin types with the ability to balance your skin's natural oil production. It's great for your face but can also be used for whole body.
African Black Soap contains antibacterial as well as antioxidant properties. It's been known to combat acne African Black soap works wonders for acne prone skin, helps to improve the texture of your skin, minimizes the appearance of blemishes, scars & stretch marks, relieves dry itchy skin, cleanses pores & rejuvenates your skin, great for eczema & psoriasis & it's moisturizing!
I have oily skin & I use African Black Soap daily as a part of my skincare regimen.
Just break off a small piece & let it work its magic!
Along with my routine:
I use French Green Clay Mask 2x per week
I exfoliate using Lavender Essence Facial Exfoliant 2x per week &
I use Rosewater facial toner daily! I can't go a day without my Rosewater Hydrating Mist!
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