Pampered Feet are Happy Feet

Pampered Feet are Happy Feet

96414D99-EBAF-413A-85E8-240A04800ABDAfter a long hard day of work, often times our feet are simply tired and achy! Ladies, many of us wear high heels all day long, and fellas, sometimes you are out on your feet all day, in some cases standing on hard concrete for several hours!

It's not only important to invest in making our feet LOOK good, but it’s also important to take care of, pamper & give your feet some relief with ALL NATURAL essential oils and detox minerals!

Peppermint essential oil helps to relax tired achy muscles in the feet, it also helps  with foot odor and contains incredible soothing benefits. Lavender essential oil is very relaxing and calming! We need the pure essence of relaxation after a long day, right? Lavender is also great for relieving aches & pains, while Tea Tree essential oil has been known for years for its healing benefits! It helps to heal the skin, decrease skin inflammation and is antibacterial.  These are the all natural organic essential oils provided in your "Pampered Feet" experience!

In between those scheduled pedicures, treat yourself to a Fancy Feet detox foot soak & Peppermint exfoliating foot scrub!

Fancy Feet foot soaks and scrubs are available at

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