Shipping- Summer Butter...Oh My!

Shipping- Summer Butter...Oh My!

Here at Belle Ame, I am dedicated to making sure that you have quality handmade products that you love, that you enjoy and that are natural and free of harsh chemicals. My products are packaged in both glass and plastic containers and are sensitive to the change in temperature.

Don't melt my butter!

One of the biggest challenges as we have no control over the warmer seasons, is that of keeping the whipped texture of our Body Butters. Because I do not use synthetic stabilizers that are used in many commercial products to maintain the thickness of my product, occasionally we run into instances where butters may melt due to  outside temperatures and lose their whipped texture. *Please note that this dose not take away from the moisturizing healing properties of the product!

What can I do if this happens?

During the summer months when ordering, its always best to place the butter in the fridge for a few minutes once you receive it. If it has melted, which is rare, this will solidify the butters making it more into a body balm. Once applied to the skin, it will melt like butter with the same nourishing properties for your skin.

Please know that all products are checked prior to shipping and are shipped and handmade with love. During the summer months you are required to sign for your package so that it's not sitting out in the heat in the event no one is home to receive your package. As always...apply with love!

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